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White Chocolate Goji Berry Muffins (vegan + gf)

Simple. Soft. & Sugar Free. Need I say more? This White Chocolate Goji Berry Muffin Recipe is easy to make and it can be flavored with a variety of toppings (if Goji Berries aren't your thing.) You'll be sinking your teeth into soft & flavorful muffins in no time!




  • Add the Dates, Almond Butter, and Hot Water to a food processor or high speed blender. Blend well.

  • Once a smooth paste has been achieved, add the Coconut Flour, Potato Starch, & Baking Soda. Blend again, pause to scrape down the sides if needed.

  • Divide the mixture into 12 baking cups (make sure they have been greased before)

  • Bake at 350°F for 20 minutes.

  • Remove from oven, allow ample time for cooling, decorate with white chocolate & dried berries. tried this recipe? don't forget to drop a comment and photo below!

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