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Cauliflower Kale Power Bowl

This easy power bowl recipe, is not only loaded with colorful vegetables, but with wholesome nutrient dense ingredients that are sure to energize you, as well as keep you full all the way from lunch to dinner! It is also completely customizable, switch it up with your favorite dressing, nuts, and crispy toppings of choice. Eating the rainbow has never been this much fun!



  • Add the Shredded Kale, Carrots, & Cabbage to the bottom of your bowl

  • Layer the remaining veggies in order of preference

  • Sprinkle with Nuts, Seeds, Dressing, & Enjoy!

**If you are meal prepping this for later, do not add the dressing, nuts, or seeds as they will get soggy. Add the toppings and dressing immediately before eating.


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