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Hi, I'm Miriam,


I’m a big fan of simplicity and consistency.

I believe that trouble starts as soon as you overthink & over-complicate things.

My fitness, nutrition, and overall lifestyle routines are all based on a minimalist approach. 

After all, it is not what you do every once in a while that makes a difference,

it is what you do consistently on a daily basis!

I don’t believe in skinny teas, fat melting pills, cutting out food groups, or doing

anything extreme.

I like sticking to the basics while taking things nice and slow because that is what a

healthy lifestyle is all about - something that you can adhere to forever.

My overall mission is to help women feel comfortable in their own skin

by loving themselves no matter where in their journey they are currently up to.


By loving yourself unconditionally &  following simple, tiny, steps

you will reach optimal results  and see big changes that will last a lifetime!

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